8 Most Gratifying Super Auto Pets Experiences

Super Auto Pets Home Screen
Simple but good-looking: the title page reflects the rest of the game.

#1: Busting a Summon Build with a Single Hippo

One thing you figure out pretty quickly is there are two kinds of players who play Super Auto Pets:

  • Players who are slaves to the meta and build summon teams every single time
  • The majority of players who hate dealing with annoying summon builds all the freaking time
Yup, that’s the type of hippo that will wipe out an entire opposing party for fun.

#2: Sniping a Turkey or Fly in the Beginning of a Match

You think you have a pretty good team, you took some early bumps but the scaling pieces are in place…and then you see the dreaded fly. The dreaded turkey. Or even both.

#3: Getting a Meme Team to 7-Wins

Look, teams made of all birds or all fish or all water animals aren’t built to win. But they are sure are fun for a goof. Meme teams can be a lot of fun, and as the screenshot below of my team “The Innocent Hikers” shows, it can be hard to reach.

I didn’t choose the meme life, the meme life chose me.

#4: Finally Seeing a Sloth

Yes, they do exist, and it is an awesome experience to catch one. The best part? That might be the best description of a character I’ve ever seen in a video game.

He believes in me! Based on how the rest of the run went he really shouldn’t have but still a nice gesture!

#5: Running a Blowfish-Hedgehog Team

Look, this is just fun. It isn’t a team built to make a serious run, it’s a team that can snipe some early to mid-game wins and is built to cause chaos more than anything.

#6: Run a Mushroom Scorpion + Mushroom Deer

A mushroom scorpion is the best workaround to melon armor. A mushroom deer means not only does the bus pop up, but so does another deer…who brings another bus when damaged.

And with a little luck and the right supporting team, you can even ride this to victory. The picture is appropriately title “I’m a Bad Man.”

#7: Get Your First 10-Win Run

When you’re learning the game, it is surprisingly challenging. Even once you know the game it gives a good challenge — there’s a reason many streamers set 7 wins as the mark for a “win” if they’re doing the Twitch casino points thing.

#8: Get a Unit People Don’t Scale to 50/50

Ever seen a 50/50 deer or scorpion? I spent WAY too many hours chasing this, and even threw away some really good engines when an unusual shop gave me that opening, but it was worth it…and the amazing screenshots that follow.

A 50/50 deer is just wrong and I love it.

Make Your Own Super Auto Pets Hit List

If you’ve hit all eight of these then you know the fun that Super Auto Pets has to offer and how a game that is so simple on the surface can keep people coming back for hundreds of hours.



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